Match Play

2017 Match Play Winner: David Lawless

2017 Shield Winner: Martin Quigley

2016 Match Play Winner: Liam Corscadden

2016 Shield Winner: Jimmy Nolan

2016 Match Play Final: Andy Errity -v- Liam Corscadden

2016 Shield Final: Tom Kililea -v- Jimmy Nolan

2016 Match Play Semi-finals

Home Away
Martin Quigley Liam Corscadden
Andy Errity Eddie Ryan

2016 Shield Semi-finals

Home Away
Gerry Savage Jimmy Nolan
Tom Kililea Tom Foley

2016 Match Play Round 3

Home Away
Philip Glennon Martin Quigley
Pat Nolan Liam Corscadden
Des Connolly Eddie Ryan (WC)
Andy Errity Bill Delaney

2016 Shield Round 2

Home Away
Gerry Dunne (WC) Gerry Savage
Tom Foley John Tobin Jnr
Eamon Fennelly Jimmy Nolan
Tom Kililea Joe Fallon

2016 Match Play Round 2

Home Away
Eddie Ryan Martin Quigley
Liam Corscadden Robert Tobin
Martin Gallagher Pat Nolan
Bill Delaney Kevin Holmwood
Dermot Walsh Andy Errity
Dave Lambert Philip Glennon
Des Connolly bye

2016 Shield Round 1

Home Away
Shay Flanagan Joe Fallon
John Tobin Jnr David Lawless
John Byrne Eamon Fennelly
Tom Kililea Gerry Dunne
Dan Gorman Tom Foley
Gerry Savage Paddy Hoare
Jimmy Nolan bye

2016 Match Play Round 1

Home Away
John Byrne Martin Gallagher
Jimmy Nolan Martin Quigley
John Tobin Jnr Eddie Ryan
Tom Kililea Bill Delaney
Gerry Dunne Kevin Holmwood
Liam Corscadden Shay Flanagan
Philip Glennon Joe Fallon
Dermot Walsh Eamonn Fennelly
Pat Nolan Tom Foley
Paddy Keegan Bobby McMahon
Dave Lambert Gerry Savage
Paddy Hoare Andy Errity
Des Connolly Dan Gorman
Robert Tobin David Lawless

Rules notes

  • Members will play off their current handicap on the day of the match. This will be their society handicap, or GUI if GUI is lower.
  • R&A rules for matchplay apply. The lowest man goes to scratch and the other player plays off the handicap difference, getting shots on the lowest indexed holes allowed. For example, a 10 handicap playing an 18 handicap. The 10 goes to scratch (receiving no shots) and the 18 plays off 8 (18-10) receiving one shot per hole on holes indexed 1-8 inclusive.